Returns a CSV file with the overall points balance for all account contacts.

Depending how many contacts you have in your account this request can take longer than 2 minutes, and the response can result in a large file. In the event your request gets timed out a process will still be running on the server to fulfill the request, thus your subsequent request should get responded faster.

For further information please have a look in the footer section.

The report is refreshed within minimum intervals of 24 hours upon request. For instance if a successful request is placed at 6:00 AM Pacific Time on Jun 21, a process will start on the server to fulfill the request, and regardless of how long it takes to fulfill the respective request, the starting of a new process to fetch up to date data will only happen - upon request - at least 24 hours later, i.e. a time equal or greater than 6:00 AM Jun 22. In other words, any subsequent request you perform in the following 24 hours from the first will return the same result.

If a process was started by a hypothetical HTTP Request #1 for account XYZ, and another hypothetical HTTP Request #2 hits the server for the same account XYZ, and the process from Request #1 hasn't yet finished, then the response body for Request #2 would be simply a string like "processing" with HTTP status 202 Accepted.

Note about linebreak parameter:

This parameter is evaluated only in the first request that successfully generates the intended file for the respective account/date; this is an important reminder since multiple requests may be started by a client within a period of 24 hours.

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